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Topic: Rock 'Til You Drop

Robo Rat
Rakrakan Festival 2013: The Conclusion
At one point in time, every one of us comes across an experience that is so breathtakingly unbelievable (or, unbelievably breathtaking) that even our current lexicon fails at adequately providing a ...
Robo Rat
Rakrakan Festival Featured Band: Urbandub
One of the most awaited bands on this upcoming Rakrakan Festival, Urbandub will surely bring out another huge crowd when they perform live. Along with other bands, the band will rock till they drop ...
Robo Rat
Rakrakan Festival Featured Band: Queso
One of the most creative, unpredictable and legendary bands in the Philippines will bring out a familiar noise at Rakrakan Festival. Queso will let you do what you want to do, for they are one of th...
Robo Rat
Rakrakan Festival Featured Band: Philia
Who doesn’t want to see the band with members that are hotter than the atmosphere? Catch Philia live on December 21, 2013. Mosh pit and party with them in your own Rakista way! Philia is another ...
Robo Rat
Rakrakan Festival Featured Band: Sandwich
Powerful and A Work of Art….these are the words I can use to describe the music of Sandwich. But for most of us Sandwich has been described as “The band with Energetic Performance”. Sandwich is a qu...
Robo Rat
Rakrakan Festival Featured Band: Hoodlum
H O O D L U M let’s spell it using big letters, so you won’t forget this rock band. And you are right in what you’re reading it is a band name and not a troublemaker who wears a hooded jacket all th...
Robo Rat
Rakrakan Festival in 7 DAYS!
In less than 10 days, the vast, barren landscape of Coral Way Open Parking, SM Mall of Asia will be transformed into a jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring El Dorado for thousands of OPM rock fans celebra...
Robo Rat
Rakrakan Festival Featured Band: A Music Theory
“Family. Duty. Honor,” A Music Theory stated, describing their anticipation for the most awaited event this December. “We are definitely excited for Rakrakan Festival and to sum it up in 3 words, we...
Robo Rat
Rakrakan Festival Featured Band: Valley of Chrome
Heavy, Melodic and Anthemic: that’s how they describe their band. Valley of Chrome is a hard rock Filipino metal band. Their tune is notable because it’s a combination of new and old musical styles....
Robo Rat
Rakrakan Festival Featured Band: Mom's Cake
Not just once, twice, thrice, Mom’s Cake will surely make the crowd more energetic like they always do, several times on the 21st of December 21 during Rakrakan Festival. The band will rock one of t...