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Robo Rat
Bazooka Rocks III Promo Winners!
Here are the winners of #BazookaRocks3 tickets! Congratulations! Facebook winner: Michael Angelo Fernandez Twitter winner: @kathscradle You can claim your tickets on or before Friday (Aug 29) a...
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Robo Rat
Jebs Mangahas Parts Ways With Giniling Festival
photo courtesy of Facebook Eleven years has come to an end for Giniling Festival’s guitarist Jebs Mangahas as he recently announced his departure from the band. Below is Jebs’ statement that he post...
Robo Rat
Basti's First Solo Project Now Available for Online Ord...
photo courtesy of Facebook Basti Artadi’s first solo project, “Everybody Knows That The Dice Are Loaded,” is now on hand and available for online purchasing through Jeepney Rock Stop (Philippines). ...
Robo Rat
Top Music from August 17, 2014 - August 23, 2014
1. Aking Pangako - Kjwan = 594.9 2. I Don't Want To Know - The Lane Band = 297.7 3. Respertar - 13th Omen = 188.7 4. Buzzing Bees - Advent Note = 145.4 5. Not So Fast - Wilabaliw = 138.6 ...
Carmela Duran
2nd anniversarry sarap maging rakista !!
Woooooh it's a great awesome fucking EVENT sarap maging rakista |m| maraming salamat lupet ng mga tumugtug sa chrome box hahaha namis ko ung downgravesoul's lupet ni sir ernie wooooh. sunflower proje...
Children of the Sun Album!!! Iloilo Sound!!!
Good day Rakistas! Please support my new album Children of the Sun (Indie), Im Ven Molina from the City of Love (Iloilo City) for more details visit my facebook account or follow my video @ https://...
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Ano nga ba ?
Lubusan nang kinain ng katahimikan ang langit,kasabay nito'y naglalamigang bulong ng hangin sa himpapawid na kumakapit,maling gising ko'y nagbigay sabit,at ang paguunat ay sinundan ng bakit.Ano bang s...
Prince Flores
Napakasimple lang ng gusto ko nung ninais kong matuto mag-gitara ... ang matugtog ang mga paborito kong kanta yun lang. Pero ngayong nakakapag-gitara na ako at natutugtog ko ang mga kanta habang...
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Robo Rat
Vanity Riots: New Single and Video "Endlessly"
VANITY RIOTS NEW SINGLE & VIDEO 'ENDLESSLY' Sydney-based Heavy Rock outfit Vanity Riots have just released their latest single ‘Endlessly’, and are set to tear up stages across the East Coast of A...
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