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Real Life Self Defense Review

Advanced handicapping and profitcapping and matching race results to payouts is one of the main ways to discover if the handicap method(s) and the profitcap method(s) that you've chosen works. It's best to know in advance if your system (money-making system) works or doesn't and what's needed to make it work as flawlessly as possible. In horse racing virtually every single player is testing to find the strongest handicap method(s) to do the job. But horse racing is - NOT - only about handicapping or predicting and selecting horses. It's also about profitcapping or predicting and determining profit to be made over extended time.

Yes - that's what the game of horse racing is about: making money, making a profit, making higher ROI. To do that you must fine tune your playing abilities. This means that once you've found what you think is good for the field size(s) and the wager type(s) (trifecta, exacta, pick 6, etc.) you've chosen then match that method(s) to the payouts to see definitively if you won them and made a profit. As an example: lets say you've handicapped 3,000 eight field size races using a specific method (class, life-time earnings, etc.).

You have them in a column written straight down. On the side of that handicap column is the profitcap colume made of payouts which goes to each one of those specific races that's been handicapped. There are several thousands of handicap methods and some are better too much better than others. Whatever method(s) you use you will have wins and losses. A major rule here is: it's not how many races you've won or loss but did you make money or did you profit. So in this example you find out these things.

To begin: (1) Find the sum of what all that your tickets cost for those 3,000 races. (2) Add up all payouts for those 3,000 races. (3) How much money all the payouts add up to for the races you loss. (4) How much money all the payouts add up to for the races you won. (5) Find the difference between your total ticket prices sum and the total won amount sum from those 3,000 races. (6) This will tell if you had a profit or a loss. Which will tell you if this handicap method(s) is any good to make money with. This is partially how to understand advanced statistical handicapping, advanced profitcapping and matching racing results to payouts.
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