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Trajectory Manifestation

Some doctors have begun using Botox® to treat patients complaining of migraine headaches. Scientists say the injections work because they have recently discovered a probable link between migraine pain and the muscles in the face, particularly those of the temples and the nape.

Researchers at Rush University Medical Center are also testing a new treatment for migraine headaches: occipital nerve stimulation, a surgical procedure in which an implanted neurostimulator delivers electrical impulses to the occipital nerves under the skin at the base of the skull at the back of the neck.

This therapy may help migraine sufferers who do not respond well to other available therapies, or who cannot tolerate the side effects of existing medications. The Precision device is the smallest rechargeable neurostimulator in the market. It is FDA approved for spinal cord stimulation to treat chronic pain.

Botox® treatment combined with surgery has reduced frequency and duration by 92% in clinical studies. About 100 patients taking part in a U.S. study were injected with Botox® to find out which muscles in the forehead, temples, face and back of the head triggered their disabling headaches. The offending muscles were then surgically removed in the effort to ease the severe pain caused by migraines. Prior to this treatment the migraine sufferers missed on average 4.4 days of work a month. After the operation, the patients missed just 1.2 days of work a month. The operation was said to completely alleviate migraines in 35% of the patients.

Spirituality can be an important aspect in one's plan for living. If you take focused action, with a plan, you can end up with a more centered outlook on life. Please be aware that for our purposes we are not speaking of religion, but rather spirituality. The former being more process oriented and the latter being more concentrated on your own personal relationship with your own choice, recognition and relationship of whatever Higher Power is most relevant to you.

Believe it or not, you may call your Higher Power whatever you want to, Natural Force, Jesus, Force of the Universe. More relevant than the name or label you attach is your humility and acceptance of such an energy permeating in your life.
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