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Trainers Trigger Tracks Review

As a licensed pedorthist in Ohio and owner of a store that sells both Chung Shi and MBT I have been asked several times about the advantages of wearing the Chung Shi and MBT as well as which one is better.

First let me explain about what these shoes do. In a traditional shoe, most people find it necessary to lean forward when walking in order to overcome the 'flatness' of the shoe. This leaning takes their body out of alignment and forces the smaller control muscles to do most of the work of supporting the person walking. Both the Chung Shi and the MBT help align your spine by allowing the wearer to walk upright and in so doing engage the inactive larger muscle groups which results in more calorie burn. The fact of the matter is that they both do accomplish this goal. While both the Chung Shi and MBT achieve this goal, they do it by different means.

The MBT was the first of these type of shoes and so as the pioneer has lay claim to a vast number of satisfied customers. The MBT has a spongy polyurethane heel sensor and a rocker in the middle of the shoe. The heel sensor provides a nice cushioned feel for the back of the foot and the rocker helps the walker maintain an erect posture when walking. That heel sensor also provides a slight bit of instability which will force the small muscles around the ankle and knee to work just a little bit harder. This helps with blood flow and muscle toning throughout the leg.

The Chung Shi was introduced into the European and American markets second and seeks the same goals with a different approach. The Chung Shi has a slight negative heel and two hard polyurethane rocker bars on the sole of the shoe. The negative heel helps align the spine, the first rocker deflects force away from the heel at heel strike while the second rocker keeps most of the pressure from the weight of the body on the feet up under the arch. The effect of this is to put less pressure on the heel and forefoot and more under the arch. The Chung Shi is very stable at heel strike and toe off and has a slight bit of instability when rolling over the rocker bar.

The answer as to which shoe is better is that it depends on the individual. Both have their advantages so it cannot be predicted which will be better. First the customer is put trough a foot analysis. After that, the customer should try on both shoes. From this, it can be determined which shoe is best for them. In general customers seeking relief from heel pain or fore foot pain do better in the Chung Shi while a few customers with special foot problems have done better in the MBT. The reality is that these shoes need to be fitted by a professional who will take the time to see to the needs of the customer.
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