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Even if it's due to climate change, global warming, natural disasters, industrial declination, rage, or similar global devastation occurrences, the result is you ending up with only a few belongings. Aside from that, you could face the worst scenario when you may have to start all over again with nothing due to the destruction of your properties. These things perhaps could convince you to spare a moment to know a few basic safety measures to prepare yourself and your family or these unexpected events that are possible to happen.

The most important to be considered are those must-have things for survival. They should include food supplies, which can last for days. You must also have water supply to prevent dehydration. We are all aware that food is the basic need or requirement for a person to survive. Therefore, it would only be sensible to prioritize the preparation of food for one's survival when unexpected events occur.

Not having these basic needs for survival would mean everything else is not commendable. And keeping food makes matter more convenient than finding firewood, carving a spear edge and taking down the first wild bear you'll find. Storing food wouldn't require you much training or strength, it is very simple to do.

United States of America has means for indefinite food resources due to the technology and agricultural advancements that make mass food production simpler and more convenient than the past. However, studies prove that a regular family has sufficient supply that can last for only a week.

On a much wider measurement, the proportion of supplies in the supermarket and grocery stores is quite enough to last for only a week, too. This may surprise you but this is certainly a fact.

World disaster or similar catastrophes such as global rainstorm are not impossible. And in an event that we are trapped and it lasts for a couple of week, the supply for food would be rapidly depleted. But when you have prepared yourself for such occurrence, the possibility of survival would be much higher.
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