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The Return Of All Time Low

The Return Of All Time Low

The return of All Time Low in Manila proves that they are really keeping promises to their Filipino fans. Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, Rian Dawson recently brought "The Last Young Renegade Tour" here in Manila last Tuesday night of August 22 at Mall of Asia Arena.

Joining All Time Low is a five-piece band having the same genre from the United Kingdom. Playing for the first time in the Philippine stage for an opening act, As It Is was overwhelmed by their Filipino crowd.

Luckily, we don't have to wait for so long before As It Is came out and gave a set of powerful performances giving everyone a warm-up for the main act.

Moments after the performance of As It Is, the tension from the hustlers began. Every after song during the set-up, everyone has this elevating eagerness, excitement, and anticipation. Finally when the lights went off, and after the not-so-long wait, All Time Low finally came out.

The energy from the crowd back! Especially when they sang their first song, "Last Young Renegade". It felt like the time almost stopped and the crowd goes breathless.

As the nights got deeper, the fans went wilder. Of course, it's not an All Time Low without their tradition of hanging bras on their mic stand. But here's something new. Someone threw a red and blue (Spiderman?) boxer to the stage. Alex Gaskarth even held it with his freaking hands!!! Plus! There's this flying condom balloon while the band leads everyone to dance and sing. They brought us to another world where everyone never wanted to go out. All Time Low captivated all of the beating hearts that let everyone move in rhythm.

They're like drugs that made everyone high!
They're like lost souls that entered everyone's body.

Being part of the crowd, we are undeniably in the spirit of their songs. Even if we don't want the night to end, we have to face the fact that everything has limits. This time, when the lights went off, everyone screamed and shouted for more, "We want more! All Time Low!"

And yeah, All Time Low never let us down because they went back to the stage for three more songs with a huge confetti ending.

The Last Young Renegade is their seventh studio album released last June 2. These four famous rock hunks have been in Manila now for four freaking times in 6 freaking years!!! Is there any band who can do the same thing like what this band did? Well, anyway, Thank you so much All Time Low for showing the love for us! ❤ You never gave us the usual concert experience but you're giving us more than that! This is a total experience of what a fan truly deserves!

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