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(From L-R: Karl Kliatcho; guitarist, Carissa Ramos; bassist, Jovic de Leon; drummer, Bones Frankenstein; vocalist, Xombie; backing vocalist, Alvin Chan; guitarist and Karl Vito Cruz; keyboardist)
After the success of their last music video Ghost Train in 2013, comes another cinematic music video, Take Me Down. For the fifth time, Mr Bones and the Boneyard Circus is set to give you all the thrill and one of a kind music video experience.

METRO MANILA -26 August 2017 - After 4 years since the release of their sophomore record “The Great Fall onto Madness”, theatrical horror-rock band Mr Bones and The Boneyard Circus has released a new music video for the first single off their upcoming third album “The Grand Phantasma” titled Take Me Down, directed by veteran filmmaker Pedring Lopez of BlackOps Studios Asia.

“We see this music video as a game changer,” said director Lopez, whose credentials include the multi-awarded horror-action film Nilalang (The Entity) and paranormal horror film Binhi (The Seed). “The [horror] aesthetic of the band is unique, and lends itself well to a visual approach that has not been done in a while.”

Fitting to the band’s name, the video takes place in a surreal “dark circus”, inspired by the freak shows of the early 20th century, following its main character “La Ballerine” (played by real life ballerina Aryanna Santiago) as she ventures through the circus and meets its inhabitants - vampires, clowns, conjoined twins, and other “freaks”, portrayed by a diverse and multinational ensemble cast.

All the while, the band, consisting of vocalist Bones Frankenstein, guitarists Alvin Chan, and Karl Kliatchko, with bassist Carissa Ramos, keyboardist Karl Vito Cruz, drummer Jovic de Leon, and backing vocalist and emcee, John Joe Joseph. As per one of their overarching lyrical themes, the whole video serves as a metaphor for La Ballerine’s descent into madness.

“This video really captures the essence of the Boneyard Circus,” says vocalist Bones Frankenstein. “This is the vision I had when our band started, and Pedring captured it perfectly.”

In addition to a visual reboot, Take Me Down, also features innovations in sound and aesthetic. Recorded at Tower of Doom Studios in 2016, the new single sports a clear, punchy mix fitting of the Boneyard Circus’ patented theatre-meets-heavy-metal sound. The song and video also serve to introduce two of the Circus’s newest members - bassist Carissa Ramos and guitarist Karl Kliatchko.

Prior to the release of the music video, the song was released on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and other digital channels last August 8, 2017 via Tower of Doom Music. Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus will be releasing a series of subsequent singles before the third album “The Grand Phantasma” is released on the second quarter of 2018.

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The music video followed a La Ballerine, their Heroine in the story, adrift, trying to find her own way; dispirited from being misunderstood; melancholic despite the familiarity that surrounds her. They traveled with her to the deep recesses of her mind as she explores her deepest darkest fears, desires and secrets. Dazed, she dances trance-like, freeing herself from all thoughts and emotions. The intensity slowly builds up and takes over; and each unwanted memory dissolves, awakening the unknown that has been her all along, through her dance. Together they enter the circus of her imagination.

Formed in 2009, Mr Bones and The Boneyard Circus is a group of self-proclaimed minstrels of madness. They breathe playful mayhem into the local music scene. The Boneyard Circus has had a few #1s under their belt from Horror Scene (2010) and The Great Fall onto Madness (2014). They were awarded Favorite Indie Band at the 2010 MYX Music Awards, Jack Daniel’s Philippines Chosen One in 2013, and Philippine Indie Rock Awards’ Independent Band of the Year in 2015.
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