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We Want More! - Liam Gallagher Live in Manila

We Want More! - Liam Gallagher Live in Manila

We waited for so long and naturally nothing will ever be enough. After years of praying to every Rock God up there in Rock 'n Roll Heaven, we have been finally blessed with Liam Gallagher's presence.

Liam opened strong with "Fucking in the Bushes" and continued to slay all throughout his concert.

In the concert, he sang 17 freaking song but we still wanted more. We got to experience 9 songs from his new album, "As You Were" and of course classic songs from his former band, Oasis.

The British Rock Icon closed the show with a nostalgic performance of Wonderwall. That made every Oasis fan sang their hearts out with glee.

By: ChelseaGlorious - Rakista Team
Photo by: Malbin Hung - Rakista Team
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