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The Stray Adventure: Do It, Don’t Procrastinate

The Stray Adventure: Do it. Don’t Procrastinate

photo courtesy of Facebook

“Do it. Don’t procrastinate,” The Stray Adventure said when RAKISTA asked them about their advice to people who are planning to form their own band. For them, a true rakista is someone who has his or her own passion in music, and not just following the trend.

The Stray Adventure is three-piece-band from Cebu, composed of G-box (drums), Hackie (bass/vox), and eBoi (guitar), that covers old-time favourite hits into their own fast and punk rock version. The trio shared that The Stray Adventure was formed back when Twinkle Dudu members, G-Box and Redwan, have decided to take a breather and form a new band with the same kind of music.

Since two of Twinkle Dudu’s members are busy with personal lives, the two thought that it would be best to seek a three-piece band. “They wanted to achieve straight forward powerful, fast kicking beats plus simplified yet arguably complicated guitar riffs designed for a three man band, and of course the "choir-like" voicing of a "not-your-typical" 3 piece band,” the trio specified. According to them, G-Box and Redwan, experimented with their music style for a while before adopting OneManDown’s member, Hackie, as their drummer. Eboi, from Gentle Folks, was like the missing piece in their puzzle, and when he arrived, his guitar expertise was a great factor to The Stray Adventure. Although Redwan left to pursue his band, Fizzles, the trio remained active and loud with their newest project. “The band is looking forward to a new start, not hoping to get any recognition, just praying to be heard,” they stated.

The member’s own band is still intact and loud in the scene and being in The Stray Adventure is like relaxing from their own world by covering songs that either satisfies their taste in melody, or hits that became part of their life. By covering, the band had already released an EP two years ago, which was entitled “Renascense.” “Strictly DIY,” The Stray Adventure cleared. “No goals, just record new cover songs.”

When we asked The Stray Adventure about what differentiate them from other bands, they answered, “We just want to make our own version of songs from the past.” The band strongly believes with this stand and said that they could care less about their bashers since they are just pursuing The Stray Adventure for their love of punk rock. “Well, from the start, we don’t care if someone or many people listen to us, just spreading the love of punk rock cover music,” they stated.

Before ending the interview, The Stray Adventure have a short message to the Rakista community, ”Orayt! Rak n roll to da world!”

Be updated with The Stray Adventure by following them on their Facebook page at You can also request and/or vote for their songs on Rakista Radio by just searching "The Stray Adventure" or the title of the song/s under "Playlist and Requests."

By: iel – Rakista Team
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