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Drop Decay To Launch Generation Album In Manila

Drop Decay To Launch Generation Album In Manila

Cebu-based pop-punk band, Drop Decay, is set to have the Manila leg of their album, “Generation,” on August 14, 2015 at Saguijo Cave in Makati. Along with Drop Decay, Jejaview, Sirens, Now You Make Me Angry, and Attic Wench will also perform during the launch.

An album inspired from their musical influences while growing up, Generation depicts the era and trends that the whole band – Tony Alfonso (vox), Vince Lucero (guitars), Chad Nimor (drums), and Kenneth Dagatan (bass) – encountered through the years. Band vocalist, Tony, shared in an interview that when they first released the Generation album in Cebu last July 4, the reception of the supporters was quite inspiring. “We drew in a pretty good crowd, which was sort of refreshing if you take into account the current trends of music and events,” Tony expressed.

Drop Decay also admitted that it was a demand from their supporter to launch Generation in Manila, too. Tony also shared that the band had always known that most of their fans resides in Manila since they have been communicating with them in their social media accounts. “Half of us are already starting to move to Manila early this year, so we just thought, why not?” the vocalist also added.

Talking about the album, Drop Decay shared that with the members moving to Manila for school and work, the making of the Generation was a challenge in which they had a very specific timetable. Aside from that, Drop Decay embraced the album-making progress as an independent artist. “We basically invested our own time and resources into producing this whole thing instead of being backed by a label or production which is what naturally happens,” Tony discussed. But no matter what the hindrances back then, Drop Decay pursued to finish the album to simply bring their own music taste to everyone. “From the technical guitar riffs to the simplicity of a good old pop jam, we just really wanted to make songs that would resonate well with kids who are growing up and trying to find their way around this mess of a world we live in, and to the kids who grew up in the same era as us, maybe breath in a little bit of nostalgia in them.”

Drop Decay really exerted a lot of effort for this album that they are hoping to reach more people now, compared to their previous projects. “You'll get wasted, have a good time, and probably won't remember it (or us) the next day,” Tony said in inviting everyone to their launch. Catch out Drop Decay this Friday at Saguijo café along with the other local bands including Jejaview, Sirens, Now You Make Me Angry, and Attic Wench.

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By: iel – Rakista Radio
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