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Audio Drive Thru: Bad Publicity Is Still Good Publicity

Audio Drive Thru: “Bad Publicity Is Still Good Publicity”

photo courtesy of Facebook

Have you seen Audio Drive Thru’s recent music video entitled “Go Lucky”? If you haven’t checked them out yet, you better start going to YouTube now, look for them, and tell us what you think! If you’re not familiar with them, Audio Drive Thru is composed of Maiah Aguilar (vocals), Bing Monge (drums), JC Casibang (bass), Pinggoy Gantioqui (guitars), and Eeman Bulotano (synths) – a group of five who tells everyone that they are an electro/alternative band just to shush them away, when they are really what they call themselves as “genreless.” Their songs uniquely expressed love, lust, frustration, anger, and things that matters in someone’s life.

During an interview with Audio Drive Thru, we asked about how they come up with the name, “Audio Drive Thru,” in which they explained that the band simply compiled the words they come up with when Maiah assigned everyone to choose a name. “We simply chose the words "Audio", "Drive" and "Thru" because for us it sounds awesome, and later on, we noticed that we make songs that are good to listen to when driving; not so fast, not so hard and not too sleepy,” the band discussed.

Audio Drive Thru also stated that their experience while being in a band during their teenage years made them realized that this career is their dream and identity. “Aside from that fact that JC, Pinggoy and Maiah have relatives who are also musicians, we can’t live without doing this,” they shared. As of now, the band had already earned some achievements through their entire career which includes Eemon’s winning as the Keyboardist of the Year in Indie Rock Awards 2015. “We successfully released a single and a music video for it,” Audio Drive thru declared. “We are now recording more songs and hopefully we'll release an EP by the end of this year or January 2016. By 2018 I guess we'll already have a full album and probably still doing more songs,” they also revealed.

According to the band, being with each other for years made them appreciate the true meaning of practice. “We learned that practice makes perfect and if you still suck then practice more,” they exclaimed. Audio Drive Thru also advised those people who are planning to form their own band that balance is one of the most important factors in this life. “Just make sure that you will not forget important things like studies, work, family and your health,” they tipped. “There's also a saying ‘Kapag gusto may paraan, kapag ayaw, madaming dahilan’ So what's stopping you?”

Aside from those, we also inquired how Audio Drive Thru deals with bashers and negative remarks in which they possibly answered, “We ignore them or thank them, because bad publicity is still good publicity.” Their optimism made them believed that OPM is not dead and said, “Who ever thought of that might be living in a cave or in an island, alone and without a friend or even a dog as a companion.”

Before ending the interview, Audio Drive Thru left a message to the Rakista community: “Let's keep on rocking til our 70's even if we're already nursing our rayumas, haha!”

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By: iel – Rakista Team
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