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UNICO: OPM, It’s Definitely Not Dead

UNICO: OPM, It’s Definitely Not Dead

photo courtesy of Facebook

“OPM, it’s definitely not dead,” stated by Unico. This may be the reason why Sean Sanches, Carlo Palomera, Frank Paladan, and David Dacanay push through and form their own band during the peak of “The End of the World” prophecies back in 2012. “We’ve decided to make it official if the world won’t end that year,” the band admitted. Fast forward to 2015, Unico had already produced numerous projects, including their latest music video for the song, “Alone.” Unico had also finished recording with Tower Of Doom and they are all hoping to release it in the following months.

Despite of their busy lives – Frank’s business career, Carlo’s hospital duties, and Sean and David’s student days – Unico can still find time to pursue their passion for music by rehearsing weekly. “Maybe it’s our love for music or having the same goals so we manage to give the time needed,” they also imparted.

The band usually starts with a guitar riff or bass line when it comes to their music-making process. “In regards to music, groove is very important to us,” Unico revealed. They also shared that Carlo is the one that everyone calls their leader while Sean writes the lyrics that the whole band would discuss about to contribute their ideas for some improvements and arrangements. And for 2 years, Unico learned how to give appreciation and respect to one another. They even advice that in forming a band, it is best to choose members that you can get along with easily since they are also your partners in life. “Look for members of your band that shares the same passion and goals, and members that you could live with,” Unico stated. “Band members are definitely your partners in life,” they also enunciated.

Before ending the interview, Unico recommended everyone to rock along with Rakista Radio and the bands in the scene. “Continue supporting Rakista Radio and the bands you like to keep the scene strong and alive, and in the process, please check our music. Baka swak sa panlasa nila.”

Be updated with Unico and follow them on their Facebook page at You can also request and/or vote for their songs on Rakista Radio by just searching "Unico" or the title of the song/s under "Playlist and Requests."

By: iel – Rakista Team
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