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Katy Perry Gives John Mayer Carte Blanche in 'Unconditionally'

John Nayer and Katy Perry being too cute at Disneyland [Photo: KAMINSKI / Splash News]

Katy Perry released a video for her newest single "Unconditionally" last Friday that had hopeless romantics clinging to their Kleenex, and cynics rolling their eyes out. She revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the song was "influenced by my boyfriend" – as well as a moving UNICEF trip to Africa.

Perry said, "Nobody comes stuff-free. Everybody has their things and you’re never going to be perfect, and accepting that and understanding that, especially in a relationship, it makes room for a real, genuine kind of love.”

Love reigns supreme in "Unconditionally," with Perry singing about standing by her man no matter the circumstance or baggage. For Mayer, his reputation from wooing high-profile beauties brings a caravan of baggage to the relationship. But no matter. Perry sings, "So come just as you are to me / Don't need apologies / Know that you are worthy / I'll take your bad days with your good / Walk through the storm I would / I do it all because I love you."

Not a bad deal.

Mayer is at least saying that he's a changed man since he met Katy. He told CBS, "For the first time in my life, I don't feel like I'm in a celebrity relationship." He also called their relationship "human."

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