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j n k
on Forum: J-Rock & K-Rock by jullan makulitzz
tanong kulang anoba ng tugtugan ng jrock at krock?...

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Strength Training In Your Fitness Muscles
on Forum: Personal by je meoin
heard of super environment. T-Rex Muscle Notwithstanding, how ofttimes fuck you seen group super environs when unit lifting? If you did, did you note those guys who were super mounting were near...

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Skin Care
on Forum: Religion by fixered
The center men's fitness and now works back and men's Vitafirm health he said turbulence training is a proven way to melt that fast while protecting your heartburn muscle I’m so confident in its effectiveness that...

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9 Worst Eye Care Mistakes You're Making
on Forum: Rakista by keuvly allen
That's precisely what Anti Aging Creams does. It's a brief summary of what's going on with Anti Aging Creams. Surely, most women are stupid when it draws a parallel to Anti Aging Creams. You can always purchase Anti Aging Creams here...

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Masaya ka ba? yung totoo!
on Forum: Personal by czczarina
Masaya ka ba? talaga? ano ba yung sukatan ng pagiging "tunay" na masaya. pano mo malalaman na totoong masaya ka talaga. APIR ...

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Now Playing [Metal Only]
on Forum: Metal by Bounty Hunter On A Special Mission
Now Playing: Mephistopheles - Cosmos...

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Female vox wanted!
on Forum: Vocalists by mj garcia
genre easycore poppunk txt lng 09361232287 qc area guys...

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Point that was like a great game so you know
on Forum: Rakista by christine gobert
Point that was like a great game so you know where you end up getting from know but I wasn't and he got a your brother John know that I mean it's something I think you knowing our in our family and it's something that like you know...

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on Forum: Personal by ♥bangz♥
call me bangz! nlibng ko na real name ko e'pwede nyo tanung kht nu gusto nyo...ehem! HIRING nga pla ko;'!cnu gusto mg-apply?post ur...

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Kuting Ü
on Forum: Personal by Kuting Ü
A - 21 S - F L - Laguna Kahit ano lang, pwede magtanong.. ...

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cinderELLA...with U-belt students
on Forum: Personal by cinderELLA_gUmiHo
haha.,..testing lang po...tanggalin ko na lang pag wala pumansin..hahahello sa mga tagaFEU...o sa ibang taga U-belt...Kung nasa U-belt ang school mo,,anung university ka?pashare na din po...

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"Ang Anak ni Mang Kanor"
on Forum: Personal by Michael
Tawagin mo akong "Mang Dildo" Sapagkat kaya kitang paligayahin ng "Todong Todo"...

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Post stupid band names_
on Forum: Bands by RiDz
ito skn STINKHOLE...

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Pinakamasakit na naranasan mo sa ex bf/gf mo
on Forum: Love by xeiicah
Anong pinakamasakit na nagyari sa past mo? pinakamasakit cguro ung last na pagkikita nyo umiiyak ka pa dahil ayaw mong umalis, pero that same day/night nalaman mo lumandi pala xa sa iba....

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The study was comprised of thirty three patients
on Forum: Personal by Mabel Lee
I am living in my 30′s therefore, it simply occurred to Maine at some point that bar is best than cure and thus, I visited my skin doctor for a diagnostic assay. Astonishingly, the take a look at disclosed few fine lines on my skin. While not...

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Extra Strong News!
Top Music from August 24, 2014 - August 30, 2014
September 1, 2014
1. Not So Fast - Wilabaliw = 792.9 2. Hugis - Vernique = 708.4 3. Aking Pangako - Kjwan = 406.8 4. Silver Heaven - Vernique = 383.4 5. Salvation - Vernique = 360.9 6. Back To Earth ...

Bazooka Rocks III Promo Winners!
August 26, 2014
Here are the winners of #BazookaRocks3 tickets! Congratulations! Facebook winner: Michael Angelo Fernandez Twitter winner: @kathscradle You can claim your tickets on or before Friday (Aug 29) a...

Jebs Mangahas Parts Ways With Giniling Festival
August 25, 2014
photo courtesy of Facebook Eleven years has come to an end for Giniling Festival’s guitarist Jebs Mangahas as he recently announced his departure from the band. Below is Jebs’ statement that he post...

Basti's First Solo Project Now Available for Online Order!
August 25, 2014
photo courtesy of Facebook Basti Artadi’s first solo project, “Everybody Knows That The Dice Are Loaded,” is now on hand and available for online purchasing through Jeepney Rock Stop (Philippines). ...

Top Music from August 17, 2014 - August 23, 2014
August 25, 2014
1. Aking Pangako - Kjwan = 594.9 2. I Don't Want To Know - The Lane Band = 297.7 3. Respertar - 13th Omen = 188.7 4. Buzzing Bees - Advent Note = 145.4 5. Not So Fast - Wilabaliw = 138.6 ...

Vanity Riots: New Single and Video "Endlessly"
August 21, 2014
VANITY RIOTS NEW SINGLE & VIDEO 'ENDLESSLY' Sydney-based Heavy Rock outfit Vanity Riots have just released their latest single ‘Endlessly’, and are set to tear up stages across the East Coast of A...

August 21, 2014
PRE-ORDER FOR GERARD WAY’S UPCOMING SOLO DEBUT, HESITANT ALIEN, LAUNCHES TODAY Hesitant Alien — the debut solo album from former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way — is now available for pre-o...

SHOCKWAVE Rocks Manila with Faspitch and Issues at the SUPREME Stage!
August 20, 2014
SHOCKWAVE Rocks Manila with Faspitch and Issues at the SUPREME Stage! photo courtesy of Project Vibe Sonic Boom finally celebrated their exact 8th year anniversary of “Promoting bands that don’t suc...

Rakista Radio is giving away free Bazooka Rocks 3 Tickets!
August 18, 2014
Rakista Radio is giving away free Bazooka Rocks 3 Tickets! Mechanics: Step 1. Download Rakista Radio app on your iOS or Android phones/gadgets. Step 2. Take a photo of you holding your iPhone/And...

Top Music from August 10, 2014 - August 16, 2014
August 18, 2014
1. Respertar - 13th Omen = 330.4 2. Aking Pangako - Kjwan = 312.3 3. Calling All Cars - Break Offenders = 158.4 4. Coma - Slapshock = 140.4 5. Ang Pagbabalik - Bloodflowers = 120.5 6. Stranger - B...

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