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Release Your Records Without Spending Money!
on Forum: Business Talk by Cristiano Ramirez
Calling out all musicians! Be one of our first wave of artists as we launch... Boomerang! Where great music comes with a boom! Get in touch with us to know more about how to be part of this big music BOOM! Be...

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Natural Skin Care Tips
on Forum: Art & Photography by Owens Joseph
Strip of a cause is the maximal wind of the cover method and gives a unscheduled countenance to anthropomorphic body. In fact it is not mistaken if we say that example of a human is judged by its skin dimension. A intellectual and soft tegument...

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My entire swelling conjointly gets eliminate
on Forum: Personal by Pitkar Marya
I set Complexiderm, that is has ability to offer the outcomes higher than any variety of medical aid, its entire formula is organic base likewise because it offers you ensured outcomes, and gets even higher once combined with . On the...

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New Year Gift To Give Your Skin A Lovely Glow
on Forum: Newbies! by Luja nren
minerals and innate colouring agents. Metal is a grassroots foodstuff, as it soothes red, reddened injure, and provides aegis against the sun's UV rays. Pigment cosmetics also helps you to avoid infections. This is a lesser renowned, but...

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No countless wrinkles and face lump
on Forum: Newbies! by lokie marker
ComplexiDerm I came to grasp regarding this that increased my beauty and provided ME glowing, healthier skin. I utterly advocate it to all! is associate degree advance anti-aging formula that helps folks to remain younger and appearance stunning for...

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Looking for: Vocalist(Male or Female) Hardcore genre
on Forum: Vocalists by Joshua Protacio Valencia
We are looking for Vocalist(Male or Female) Hardcore genre (like Hundreth ,Hatebreed, The ghost inside) Must be in Muntinlupa , Paraňaque , Bicutan areas. pm nalnang po 09366824000 thank you po. ...

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The Official Introduction Thread - V4
on Forum: Newbies! by RiDz
Hi guys! Welcome! Please introduce or say something about yourself. Just keep posting ! NOTE: No flaming. No Bashing. Enjoy everyone!...

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Ano masasabi mo sa avatar ng huling nag post?
on Forum: Level Up! by RiDz
Ano nga ba?...

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Attendance Sheet V4
on Forum: Level Up! by RiDz
Dito na tayo mag attendance mga repa! Apir!...

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Falling In Love With The Wrong Person
on Forum: Love by nancy weee
Was there a time you fell for someone you know you shouldn't have had fallin in love with?Share your stories....

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What is LOVE?
on Forum: Love by rakista
Define love....

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He's Just Not That Into You
on Forum: Love by xeiicah
YOUR DAILY WAKE-UP CALL I'd like to share you the book i have, a bite-size wisdom from the phenomenally bestselling relationships book that has changed the lives of millions of women around the world....

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Your personal love story
on Forum: Love by RiDz
Tell us about your personal love story , from past to present, your sweatest moments, your emo moments, LQ, Arguements, Jelousy. All that you can say about your love experience Love will leads us to happiness comments and reactions? ...

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D're, Paano kung babae ang manligaw sa'yo?
on Forum: Dating & Looking for Love by Denyong
I admit na nangyari na sa akin ito. Although ang masamang ugali ko lang is namimili ako. well, regardless ng pagpili. ano pakiramdam nyo nung babae ang nanligaw sa inyo? ako syempre flattered pero parang life and death decision ang dating sa...

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What is your ideal guy/girl?
on Forum: Dating & Looking for Love by cynical han
pisikal na aspeto atbp....

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Extra Strong News!
Valley Of Chrome To Launch "The Dark Horse EP"
October 22, 2014
photo courtesy of Facebook Valley Of Chrome To Launch "The Dark Horse EP" It was already a decade after Valley of Chrome released their debut album, Love and Devotion, back in 2004. And to celebrat...

Barbie Almalbis Releases “My New Heart” Album
October 22, 2014
photo courtesy of Facebook Barbie Almalbis Releases “My New Heart” Album After three years of juggling with various gigs, endorsements, and personal life, Barbie Almalbis just officially launched a...

Top Music from October 12, 2014 - October 18, 2014
October 20, 2014
1. Sabado - Eraserheads = 351.7 2. Buzzing Bees - Advent Note = 322.1 3. Mottaka (Tower Sessions) - Queso = 310.7 4. 1995 - Eraserheads = 300.2 5. Alone - Unico = 268 6. Onyx - Saydie = 20...

MANILA UNDER FIRE: “OPM will never die”
October 15, 2014
photo courtesy of Facebook MANILA UNDER FIRE: “OPM will never die” Upon hearing “MUF on three,” the rest of Manila Under Fire knows what to do next. The members, Gino Tambuatco on guitar, Bigs Vill...

Top Music from October 05, 2014 - October 11, 2014
October 13, 2014
1. Sabado - Eraserheads = 454.2 2. 1995 - Eraserheads = 432.9 3. Kapit - Imago = 405.9 4. Two - Earthmover = 385.2 5. Back To Earth - Break Offenders = 241.2 6. Alone - Unico = 234.3 7. Onyx -...

October 10, 2014
photo courtesy of Facebook Blind Puppet to launch music video for ‘My World’ Good news for the Malditos and Malditas in Cebu! The boys of Blind Puppet will be releasing a new music video for their ...

Star Records Launches Debut Album of Rock Band Generation
October 8, 2014
STAR RECORDS LAUNCHES DEBUT ALBUM OF ROCK BAND GENERATION Star Records releases the self-titled debut album of Generation, a new rock band composed of sons of legendary Filipino recording artists. ...

Paolo Valenciano Debuts Solo Album
October 8, 2014
Star Records releases alternative rock album "Silence/Noise" PAOLO VALENCIANO GOES SOLO Filipino music royalty Paolo Valenciano takes the spotlight with the release of his first solo album titled "...

I just want to talk about this band I met called The Keeprights.
October 8, 2014
Hi everyone! Ria here. I just want to talk about this band I met called The Keeprights. Their brilliantly arranged music and melodic rhythms caught my attention when I got the chance to hear them ...

Rakista Radio Playlist UPDATED!
October 7, 2014
Rakista Radio has just added several old and new artists and their songs to its playlist! Here's a complete list of all songs added as of today, October 07, 2014: 1. Absolute Play – Hard Easy Semi ...

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