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New Forum Entries
Attendance Sheet V4
on Forum: Level Up! by RiDz
Dito na tayo mag attendance mga repa! Apir!...

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What are you reading right now?
on Forum: Literature & Comics by John Paul del Mundo
Tell us what are you reading right now!I'll kick things off...Right now, I'm reading Only Revolutions by Mark...

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Eto bago :)
on Forum: Anime & Manga by Nicole Salar
Sword Art Online...

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The Official Introduction Thread - V4
on Forum: Newbies! by RiDz
Hi guys! Welcome! Please introduce or say something about yourself. Just keep posting ! NOTE: No flaming. No Bashing. Enjoy everyone!...

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when you going to dead
on Forum: Level Up! by wala meron
kung mag ppakamatay ka or mamamatay kana , anu anu ang mga ggawin mu bago mangyaree yun sayo?...

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Does having a tattoo won`t impede a person to go abroad?
on Forum: Art & Photography by Chii Tseng
Ayon, concern ko lang. Gustong-gusto ko kasi magpa-tattoo kaya lang may plano akong mag-migrate pagka-graduate ko ng college. Iniisip ko, hindi ba `ko parang ma-ho-hold or ma-re-reject kung halimbawa may mga tattoo ako? Sana may...

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Frontman Here! :)
on Forum: Bands by Nicole Salar
Looking for a band.. Batangas Area only Genre choices are Pop Rock, Alternative Rock and Post-Hardcore ...

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Level Up!
on Forum: Level Up! by RiDz
Kahit anong post o mapag usapan pa level up lang, pasok!...

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Song Writing
on Forum: Accoustic & Instrumental by riesh
Hello po. Marami na po akong nagawang songs... gusto ko sana may magtugtog naman ng mga songs ko para hindi ko lang sila nakikita sa papel at mabigyang buhay naman. Eto yung iba kong sample... ...

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Need a female vocalist? (Zambales)
on Forum: Bands by janica
Hi guys! I'm Janica and i'm looking for bands to join. Hopefully someones offers to let me join theirs. ...

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BASSIST ka kapag...
on Forum: Bass Guitarists by AuDraine
linalaro namen sa BASS PLACE to.share your experiences na madalas eh sa bassist nangyayare.Alam mong bassist ka kapag:-may nag tanong kung ano hawak mo sa banda, pag sumagot ka ng "BASS" ang sagot nila eh "AHH...

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Lf: Band Group need Bassist Player
on Forum: Bass Guitarists by Versoul
Im from Gensan, Im currently looking for a group whos genre is VARIETY. 5 years on experience like bar gigs and other gigs. Most genre is classic 90's songs Got my own base guitar not yet in...

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when did i found rakista? and for how long?
on Forum: Rakista by jaxs
i found it when i was 17 years old but i forgot my password and username back 26 right now almost nine years...and the last rakrakan gig that i went to attend is series 6 ...with chicosci,imbuenokudos and typecast...if i remember...

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No2 Extreme Surge Gives You The Amazing Results With Pure Herbs
on Forum: Fashion, Health & Beauty by peches kalo
You clear I loveleptin safety is the delicate squishy curds looking fat found in your issue ranges however lepton safety is simply annatto special issues that kills female fat misfortune the second extraordinary issue ladies face with lepton is that...

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Black Metal Thread
on Forum: Metal by Bounty Hunter On A Special Mission
No shitty discussion. Don't even try to post "metal rules 101" oh shit that is really funny dude. Profanatica, Unholy Crucifix, Katharsis, Zyklon BNuclear Desecration, Goatsodomy, Immortal, Deathspell...

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Extra Strong News!
Basti Artadi and The Nice Ones To Release Their Debut Album Online
July 30, 2014
Basti Artadi and The Nice Ones To Release Their Debut Album Online Basti Artadi and The Nice Ones are set to launch their debut album via live performance soon. The band had been rehearsing for quit...

The Independency in Lostthreads
July 30, 2014
The Independency in Lostthreads “Putangina! Sobrang gastos pala netong passion na to? (laughs),” is what Lostthreads would sometimes say. But what lie behind that pricey obsession is more than a tho...

Saving the Dying Hope – Inspirations, Chances and Hopes
July 30, 2014
Saving the Dying Hope – Inspirations, Chances, and Hopes If you’re going gaga Bring Me The Horizon or Suicide Silence, then you’ll probably bounce to that bar where Saving The Dying Hope is – a melo...

Typecast Parts Ways With Long-time Drummer
July 30, 2014
Typecast Parts Ways With Long-time Drummer Fifteen years has come to an end for Melvin Macatiag as he parted ways with Typecast. The band finally broke off their silence about their situation throug...

Smooth Friction: Sex, Pranks, and Rock n’ Roll!
July 30, 2014
Smooth Friction: Sex, Pranks, and Rock n’ Roll! “Be original or innovative” – Smooth Friction “A band’s legacy and to influence other artists is much better and lasting,” Smooth Friction stated in...

Rakista Radio Presents Rakista Jam Tayo 62!
July 29, 2014
Rakista Radio Presents Rakista Jam Tayo 62! May lakad ka na ba sa darating na Sabado? Kung wala pa, tara na at mag Rakista Jam Tayo! Kung meron naman, isama na ang tropa at tara pa din sa Rakista J...

Top Music from July 20, 2014 - July 26, 2014
July 28, 2014
1. I Don't Want To Know - The Lane Band = 332.9 2. Coma - Slapshock = 298.8 3. Ang Pagbabalik - Bloodflowers = 202.4 4. Enquentro - Nuncyspungen = 166.5 5. Bliss A Miss - Arthur = 161.1 6. Id - Nu...

Absolute Play Launches MV for "Little Miss Homewrecker"
July 26, 2014
July 26 - Three-piece "kid punk" band Absolute Play will be launching their newest music video "Little Miss Homewrecker" tomorrow Sunday, July 27, 2014, at 6PM on MYX and 8PM on Youtube. Absolute P...

Radioactive Sago Project launches their latest album
July 25, 2014
Radioactive Sago Project launches their latest album It was in 2007 when Radioactive Sago Project launched their album “Tangina Mo Andaming Nagugutom sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin.” Fast forward ...

Exit/Exists: The Outcome of Hope and Determination
July 25, 2014
Since its release in May 2014, Imbue No Kudos has been dynamically headlining many of their mini tours to promote their Exit/Exists EP. INK’s latest EP is the result of the band’s hard work as they...

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