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Your Body Slim and Smart with supplement
on Forum: Rakista by larry walk25
a little bit more the poor sales come up and some both cut so what you lifts see if you can balance it on the grounds so I just hole in the basket size forth test series of events creamy feels up to my house in the city’s casts from there you...

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Your Top 5 Favorite Guitar Tones
on Forum: Guitarists by MasterGelo
Post your favorite guitar tones from your guitar heroes, here mine: 1. Eddie Van Halen 2. Paul Gilbert 3. Alexi Laiho 4. Dave Mustaine (Early Megadeth) 5. Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman ...

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Abdominal Muscles
on Forum: Pilipinas by June Baum
This is a terpsichore on the rudimentary head dip nonetheless, it is many challenging to do. In this take both your instrumentation and feet are lifted off the material. You testament pauperization to use two chairs one on either end to supporting...

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EMO Talk
on Forum: Emo by Dan Michael O. Verdera
Talk about anything that's emo....

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Nasan na ung mga tunay na PUNK?
on Forum: Punk by Caleb Biglangputik
Post naman kayo dito, para punx unite....

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anyone who is UPDATED in Pinoy rock music scene?
on Forum: Rock & Alternative by Deathsumi Aikari
outdated na ako. and i dont have time to research and to think of what was the last song I've heard in the radio... if you are a nice guy who can share something , please please i only have few rest days/off to meet a stranger...

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ano ang inaasahan mo na mangyayari sa iyo bukas?
on Forum: Level Up! by Hele
ano nga ba??...

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Anong gusto mo gawin ngayon?
on Forum: Level Up! by xeiicah
as in NGAYON (at this time) note: 1. iba to sa what's on your mind right now, your thoughts, etc 2. wala pang ganitong thread, checked each & every...

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anu gagawin nyo? pag may lumalandi sau?
on Forum: Level Up! by sainptunk
dami kc na lumalandi ngayun sa kin eh help naman dyan XD hahaahaha...

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What's your first impression sa taong nasa taas mo?
on Forum: Level Up! by xeiicah
ano nga ba? hehe   walang tao e. ...

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Anong song pinapakinggan (soundtrip) mo ngayon?
on Forum: Level Up! by xeiicah thread na hindi pwedengmawala sa kahit anong version ...

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Dugtungan Game!
on Forum: Level Up! by RiDz
Alam nyo na to Dapat 5 words lang.   Si Juan ay nakatayo sa ....................

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Panu mamamatay ung nasa taas mo?
on Forum: Level Up! by RiDz
katuwaan lng.. walang pikunan.....

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Ano masasabi mo sa avatar ng huling nag post?
on Forum: Level Up! by RiDz
Ano nga ba?...

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Level Up!
on Forum: Level Up! by RiDz
Kahit anong post o mapag usapan pa level up lang, pasok!...

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Extra Strong News!
Top Music from April 13, 2014 - April 19, 2014
April 23, 2014
1. Night Owls - Slapshock = 2262.6 2. Bato - Vernique = 2127.5 3. Salvation - Vernique = 2111.4 4. The Day - Vernique = 2099.7 5. Silver Heaven - Vernique = 2089.8 6. Huling Sayaw (Tower Sessions)...

Mayonnaise launches fifth studio album, "Tayo Na Lang Dalawa"
April 21, 2014
(photo courtesy of April 20 - Mayonnaise had just released their fifth studio album, Tayo Na Lang Dalawa, on iTunes last Easter Sunday, much to the delight and...

Radio Republic launches #GoExperience
April 21, 2014
Radio Republic has set the mood for summer with the 2nd leg of the #GoExperience series of events! This leg's assault to your senses features the neo-soul music of Chocolate Grass, the reggae beats...

Dyanne announces indefinite hiatus from EVEN
April 21, 2014
(photo courtesy of April 19 - Dyanne Licudine-Montenegro, lead vocalist of EVEN, had announced through social media that she will be temporarily leaving the...

April 16, 2014
NIGHT OWLS FLY OUT Slapshock’s first single on the new EP goes live on iTunes on April 7, 2014 MANILA, Philippines (April 2014) – Filipino rock metal band, Slapshock, launches “Night Owls,” its fir...

Rakista Radio Playlist UPDATED!
April 15, 2014
Rakista Radio has just added several old and new artists and their songs to its playlist! Here's a complete list of all songs added as of today: 1. A Message Made By Knife - My Tongue Is Lying Aga...

Top Music from April 06, 2014 - April 12, 2014
April 14, 2014
1. Huling Sayaw (Tower Sessions) - Kamikazee = 237 2. Respertar - 13Th Omen = 188.1 3. Mottaka - Cheese = 115.7 4. Sleep Tonight (Tower Sessions) - December Avenue = 114.3 5. Giyang (Live) - Razor...

Top Music from March 30, 2014 - April 05, 2014
April 7, 2014
1. Brand New Day - Break Offenders = 204.3 2. Ayokong Tumanda - Itchyworms = 194 3. Respertar - 13Th Omen = 137.1 4. Magnanakaw - Bonifacio Republic = 90.6 5. Huling Sayaw (Tower Sessions) - Kamik...

April 2, 2014
SUMMER SIREN FESTIVAL – TRAVEL FACTOR’S BIGGEST DESTINATION FESTIVAL THIS 2014 This April 4 to 6, 2014, heed the call. Know bliss and escape to the Summer Siren Festival, the biggest destination fe...

Rakista Radio is giving away #SummerSiren Festival VIP and General passes t...
April 2, 2014
Rakista Radio is giving away #SummerSiren Festival VIP and General passes tickets! To Join: 1. Download and install rakista radio application on your iPhone or Android phone! 2. Like us on facebook...

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